Top 10 Items That Need To Be In Your Hospital Bag

Preparing for a baby is hard, emotional, exhausting, and the last thing you want to think of when you are feeling those painful contractions because you are in labor is what to bring. Babies come when they want to come, so be prepared and pack your hospital bag early. I would recommend around 30 weeks or so. Here are 10 things that need to be in your hospital bag.


Your boobs will get enormous at some point… and I mean ENORMOUS! If you plan on breastfeeding I recommend getting a nursing sports bra or a sleeping one, nothing with wires. Your boobs will change so many times over the next few weeks, they might be a B then a D then a B and if you miss a feeding may be a C… all within a 24 hours span. Your boobs will most likely leak… so pick up those insert pads too. With a good nursing sports bra and those pads, your boobs will be as comfortable as they can be at this time.

Flip Flops

Hospital floors are gross. Invest in cheap $1 flip flops that you can wear while out of your bed and in the shower. And if you want to, throw them away before you leave so you don’t track any germs home.


You know that little section in Wal-Mart or Target where they have all the mini toiletries for traveling? Get those! These are perfect because you have them already in your bag and you can throw them out before you leave the hospital. No thinking twice about it. I suggest getting:

  • A toothbrush
  • toothbrush holder
  • toothpaste
  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • body wash
  • face wash

Disposable Underpants

You bleed… a ton. So you might feel like a grandma, but you will need disposable underpants. The hospital will give you some if you need to cut back and save money, but honestly…they suck. They don’t cover your whole butt, slide off, and the pads they give you are so big you feel like you are riding a horse when you walk…so I suggest you bring your own. I got the Depends Fit Flex with my second baby and loved them. I even wore them after the hospital for a week and honestly, no one could tell. Seriously just get them.


While you are giving birth and up until you shower, you will be in a hospital gown. You can choose to stay in the gown or get into your own clothes. Gowns are such a hassle with being 5 sizes too big and your butt hanging out so I suggest just getting into your own clothes. You already have your nursing bra and disposable underpants I suggest yoga pants and a loose tee shirt. You will most likely be in the hospital for at least 2 days so bring a few yoga/sweat pants and tee shirts.


Hospital food is hospital food, and if you are lucky enough your maternity ward with have some limited snacks for you. Bring non-perishable foods that are easy to grab and you can eat with your hands. Trail mix, fruit snacks, and pretzels are good options.

Coming Home Outfit For Baby

Don’t forget that cute outfit to bring your baby home in! 

Receiving Blanket

The hospital does have blankets for you to use while there but just bring your own. Wrap up that bundle of joy in their precious blanket that grandma made. Hospitals are cold and they will feel all warm and snug in them.


A Boppy isn’t a need but it is something you will can to get. Your arms get tired from holding the baby and especially tired if you are breastfeeding. The Boppy allows you to still feel close and connected while giving your arms a little support/ break.

Car Seat

Don’t Forget The Car Seat! They won’t let you take the baby home without it! I suggest preinstalling it at around 35 weeks or so. This will not only make sure that you have it when the baby comes, but it will allow you to get used to it being in your car. Car seats are super expensive so do your research and shop around before making your decision.

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