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When you first get together with your husband, your relationship is amazing. With all those butterflies,  you two can’t keep your hands off of each other. But once kids come into the picture…sex is like a foreign word and you put your relationship on the back burner. Your body is not the same, you are always tired, sex drive is non-existent, you never want to be touch after a long day with the kids… the reasons and excuses are endless. According to the HuffingtonPost, “75% of couples feel like their relationship has lost its spark. What’s more, some psychologists estimate that up to 20% of couples have sex no more than 10 times a year.”

Here are 25 signs your relationship has lost its spark:

  • You opt for sleep over sex 
  • You stop kissing each other goodbye
  • Lack of ‘date nights’
  • You don’t go on dates anymore
  • You don’t cuddle up on the sofa
  • You forget to say ‘I love you’
  • You go to bed at different times
  • You assume one of you will do all the chores
  • You spend the evening sitting in different rooms
  • Watch TV in separate rooms
  • Not letting each other know about plans that have been made
  • Not excited at the prospect of one-on-one time
  • You stop celebrating anniversaries
  • You don’t talk about your day to each other
  • Don’t bother with Valentine’s day
  • You forget important dates
  • Forget to say thank you
  • Slacking on chores or doing half jobs
  • Saying ‘I love you’ out of habit rather than actually meaning it
  • Your partner is on their phone while having a conversation with you
  • The little phone calls at work stop
  • No little notes or silly texts
  • Less ‘in-jokes’
  • You dress down more when you are with each other
  • You eat at different times in the evening

Do any of these sound like your relationship? I know it does in mine, and that is why we are making a change. We are getting back to the couple we use to be, with all the spontaneity and butterflies that come with it. We challenge you to join us and give your relationship a makeover.

The ladies over at The Dating Divas have compiled a list of over 30 Love challenges because not every relationship is the same. Head over HERE to find the right love challenge for your relationship.

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